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A measure (in percent) of how close to full your red blood cells are with respect to their oxygen-carrying capacity.
A measurement of how fast you can expel the air in your lungs; usually a part of PFTs.
Subclavian vein
A large vein in the upper chest (between the shoulder and neck) that carries blood back to the heart and is often used in right heart catheterization or as a site for a long-term indwelling catheter through which medication may be infused.
Superior vena cava
One of the largest veins in the body, located in the chest; all blood in the upper body (above the heart) travels through this vein which then empties into the right atrium.
Systemic blood pressure
The blood pressure in the main arteries of your body that run from the left side of your heart to the rest of your body (arms, legs, intestines, kidneys,brain, etc
The period of time when the heart is contracting and pumping blood to the lungs and the rest of the body
Systolic blood pressure
(the top number of the reading) is measured during systole