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Welcome! KnowYourPH.org is a dedicated source of vital information for patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH), as well as for families and friends of those who are facing PH. The goal of this site is to give you accessible, relevant information that will help you understand the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of PH. We know that PH can be a complex and at times frightening condition, so we’ve organized the site around patients’ most frequently asked questions. To guide you in better visualizing the underlying mechanisms (pathophysiology) of related medical problems and symptoms, we offer a series of interactive, animated diagrams. We hope you will find KnowYourPH.org to be useful, and we welcome your feedback.

Every time you breathe in, you move air down into your lungs.  The air travels from your windpipe (also known as the trachea) through smaller and smaller branching passageways until it reaches tiny air sacs known as alveoli [more]

The heart and lungs are very closely connected.  Not only do they fit closely together in the chest, but they also work together to make sure that your body gets oxygen. [more]

Preview image of the Diffusion of Oxygen Flash Diagram
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